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Breaking Benjamins: Forget It!!! Happy Tjursday!!!

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How does one turn sour

become as bitter as you?

Your truly so selfish, and

it is the reason I can’t bare to listen.

Your not my daddy and I am too old

for a babysitter.

Stop thinking I’m not just as free

as you.

I am.


To love and dream and laugh and cry

I’ve things inside you don’t know

mostly because you never try

and now I’ve nothing to believe in,

so why would I stay?

Hoping that one day

You’ll wish to find the 

key to my heart.

I think instead I will

walk out this door

at least it’s a start

because I need more

you can’t  ignore me 

if I am not here.

I want to be untouchable and beautiful and completely dead inside.

Francesca Lia Block (via rabbitinthemoon)

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Gayle Forman, Just One Day


Gayle Forman, Just One Day

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Rules I Live By

1. Get Money

2. Spend Money

3. Stay Fly

4. Don’t Lie (unless it’s a damn good lie, and in that case, lie til the day you die.)

5. Never explain yourself

6. Defend the mentally ill and the weak

7. Don’t fight but never stop fighting

8.Keep calm and you control the universe

9. Go where angels fear to tread, for the Gods are with you

10. Wisdom starts with silence

11. Never settle for less than butterflies

Dark and radiant is how I roll….


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